Metal Film Resistors:

LM Series: Our commercial equivalent of the military RN series. A general purpose precision resistor.
MML Series: A micro-miniature resistor to use where space is really a concern.
MO,MM Series: An inexpensive replacement for commercial wirewounds.
HV Series: High voltage, high value metal oxide resistors.
E Series: Thick and thin film surface mount resistors, general purpose and precision.
BW Series: Fusable - Failsafe.

Wirewound Resistors:

WW Series: Our commercial precision wirewound resistor, equivalent of the military RW series.
CB or TCB Series: A general purpose production-type power resistor.
PC Series: Specially designed for use on printed circuit boards.
VM Series: This is a CB type of resistor in a vertical mount package.
WP Series: Our ultra precision wirewound line for extremely tight TCs and tolerances.
KAL Series: The "brute strength" resistor of the wirewound line.
MR Series: A molded ribbon resistor made for very low resistances to be used at extremely high frequencies.
SM Series: A general purpose power wirewound surface mount resistor..
TP or TS Series: Extremely low ohmic values.

SeriesPower RangeResistance Range*Minimum ToleranceTemperature Coefficient**Non-Inductive
LM 0.1W to 1W 1 to 100M 0.01% ±2PPM Optional
MML 0.125W to 0.3W 10 to 2.37M 0.1% ±50PPM No
MO, MM 0.5W to 5W 0.1 to 1M 1% ±200PPM No
HV .125W to 4W 1M to 10G 1% ±200PPM No
E .063W to 2W Zero to 100G 0.01% ±2PPM Yes
BW .25W to 3W 0.1 to 100K 1% N/A No
WW 0.5W to 10W 0.1 to 150K 0.1% ±5PPM Optional
CBTCB 1W to 50W 0.1 to 1.5K 5% ±200PPM Optional
PC 3W to 20W 0.1 to 1.25K 5% ±300PPM Optional
VM 2W to 10W 0.01 to 10K 0.5% ±200PPM Optional
WP 0.06W to 1.75W 0.05 to 25M 0.005% ±10PPM Yes
KAL 5W to 250W 0.05 to 175K 0.1% ±20PPM Optional
MR 1W to 5W 0.005 to 0.5 1% ±20PPM Yes
SM 0.5W to 2W 0.01 to 2K 0.1% ±20PPM Optional
TP,TS 1W to 13W 0.0005 to 0.002 0.05% ±50PPM Yes

*For extended range parts (higher than those shown) please call factory.

**Temperature coefficients shown are the standard minimums for these parts at mid and high values. Low value resistors have a slightly higher TC. Please call factory with any special TC requirements.