Codeco Corporation was established in 1954 for the purpose of designing and manufacturing precision radio frequency attenuators. For a number of years, we built the majority of the laboratory testing standards of attenuation for the Bell system, Western Electric, and Raytheon, to name a few.

In 1969 the company moved to Vermont to take advantage of the work force and the lifestyle that the state had to offer. One recurring problem Codeco encountered was the lack of availability of quality, precision metal film resistors (the heart of all attenuators) with reasonable delivery times. After fighting this problem for over twenty years, Codeco decided to get in to the resistor business - initially as a manufacturer and currently as a supplier.

Codeco, using our "resistor name" of VPR, formerly Vermont Precision Resistor, inventories over seven million resistors to give customers overnight service in most cases. We stock all military standard values and TCs at 1% through 0.1% We even have a large stock at 10ppm/?C and 5ppm/?C. Codeco also stocks many long term special requirement parts at the request of our customers.

Today, Codeco has diversified into other fields as well. We have expanded our precision metal film resistor line to add a full range of wirewound resistors, specializing in extremely tight tolerances and TCs.

Codeco has an up to date lab for the design and manufacture of artwork for printed circuit boards. We also have a line of energy monitoring and controlling equipment including: demand controllers for residential and commercial use; demand monitors for industrial use, into the magawatt range; power panel controllers for use with electric storage heat.

Codeco also does custom design and assembly on a sub-contract basis and we still manufacture the finest R.F. and I.F. attenuators available.

If you are ever in the Stowe area, we invite you to stop in and see some of the amazing things that can be done in our small shop in Vermont.