Codeco/VPR has joined the worldwide effort to reduce the amount of lead in electronic components and to meet the various regulatory requirements, such as the European Union's directive regarding "Restrictions on Hazardous Substances". As a result, all parts supplied under any Codeco/VPR Sales Order has been manufactured, inspected and tested in accordance with the applicable specifications and drawings. 

 The above statement applies to the following types of Codeco/VPR parts:

  • The LM Series Metal film Resistors
  • The MML Series Miniature Metal Film Resistors
  • The MO & MM Series Metal Oxide Resistors
  • The HV Series High Voltage, High Value Resistors
  • The MC Series Metal Composite Resistors
  • The WW Series Precision Wirewound Resistors
  • The CB, TCB, PC, VM Series Cement Boat Wirewounds
  • The MR Series Molded Ribbon Resistors
  • The WP Series Precision Non-Inductive Wirewound Resistors
  • The KAL Series Aluminum Housed Resistors
  • The SM Series Wirewound Surface Mounted Resistors
  • The E Series All Surface Mount Thin & Thick Film Resistors
  • The BW Series Failsafe Fusible Resistors
  • The TP Series Shunts

As of 9/16/13